Technology for Inpatient and Outpatient Care

          Technology is a means for giving the user access to an easier life. For Therapists, Caretakers, and other Health Professionals, the patients well being depends on finding the right technology. We have seen a rise in Music Therapy treatment, and yet innovative and accessible technology has been hard to find.


          The only way to ensure people can easily access Music Therapy, is if there is a universal platform available to fit the means of access majority of people are restricted to. When designing Point Motion, our team was sure to be aware of this and for that reason we were able to create a platform that revolves around the needs of the Wellness Community.


           So many Health Professionals need to travel on a daily basis. To bring around large equipment from place to play, the time to set up, and risk for breaking or germ transferal; it becomes less feasible to utilize Music Therapy on a regular basis.


          By making Point Motion compatible with Mobile Devices, Tablets, and Laptops, Therapists can access technology which enhances their practice without the negative aspects previously mentioned. In addition, professionals who need to work flexibly between in-patient and out-patient care, they can rely on a platform that will function and be practical in both environments.