Music Therapy in Response of Trauma (Reference to AMTA)

                Everyday, people use music to understand their very state of being. Music is a way for us to go beyond words, and explore the deeper meaning of our emotions. It is very easy for anyone to search for or even discover music which speaks to them. When that special piece of music, or musical experience happens; many say it is life changing.


                  For this very reason it is more important then ever that we recognize the importance in Music Therapy when we discuss treating individuals suffering from trauma, PTSD, or a life crisis. In an article written by the American Music Therapy Association, through work conducted through the AMTA New York City Music Therapy Relief Project they demonstrated that:


                “The directed use of music and music therapy is highly effective in developing coping strategies, including understanding and expressing feelings of anxiety and helplessness, supporting feelings of self-confidence and security, and providing a safe or neutral environment for relaxation.”(

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