Music in Special Education

       There is a tremendous need for accessible and practical technology in Special Education. Not only for the institution, but for the student. I have seen many programs give guitars, drums, but these instruments function within the realm of our perception on how to play music.

        For their to be growth in our approach to Special Education, we need to begin by looking at whether or not we are meeting the needs of those we serve. Majority of schools who have Music for Special Education have no continuing education for such. The fact that students are limited to musical freedom at school, takes away the very freedom we hope to provide.

      Special Education programs need to utilize a method which enables the student to access the same experience at home, on a deeply focused and effective way. This is where Point Motion is a real solution, and offers both the student and teacher a range of tools in which to personalize their experience.

     No expensive or bulky hardware to break in classes, and the student can access the platform from home. This is the scenario we must create in order to see the full range of benefits Music can provide to those with Special Needs. Enable them to turn to this source of joy as they please, and be heard the way they choose to be heard.