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Motion Capture Materials

We partner with leading Curriculum Authors who adapt our technology into their existing program designs for areas such as pediatrics, and special education. The curriculum is then sold with our technology to track and manage data in the most efficient and enriching way. Our data system is compliant for both Health and Education Settings, and our data collection tool uses standards aligned with FDA regulations so we have no problem delivering this to our customers, and they access it all through the Cloud. Hospitals, Specialized Treatment Centers, Non-Profits, Schools, Research Groups. These organizations depend on adopting technology like ours to grow and meet the needs of their population.

Our first case study conducted by Charlay Yates in the Boston Public School system, the following benefits were reported:

  • Enhancing Self Awareness

  • Developing Sustained Attention

  • Increasing Range of Motion

  • Understanding Cause and Effect

  • Learning Relaxation Skills



You are proud of your business.  Your blood, sweat and desire to excel has made your practice what it is today.  We get that!

We are made up of practicing therapists, educators and researchers whose desire to change the lives of our clients has shaped everything we do.  

Start off right with one of our expertly designed programs, or deploy your own curriculum that you crafted with love and care, then see how UnitusTI supports and enhances it with tools to easily track results, maintain milestones, manage your staff and client data, make appointments and carry out all the distracting but necessary administrative functions in a practical, pleasant way.

With UnitusTI's robust set of cloud tools, the personal stamp you put on your business is never lost, just streamlined.  With ready-made tools and customizable features, your original vision is given a chance to take off. 

Create & Customize assessments and curricula

  • Manage Data Acquisition, Graphs and Reporting 

  • Professionalize your practice

  • Automate administrative functions, program execution, data analysis and tracking

  • Standardize staff operations and communications

  • Communicate instantly with parents and providers

  • Secure client records and control access to client information

  • Access pre-defined, ready to run curriculum solutions

  • Disaster Recovery backups and recovery program at the ready

  • Global Access increases the reach of your practice to anywhere, day or night

The Internet is the new front door to your practice, UnitusTI makes it easy to start collecting, analyzing and sharing data with your staff and clients today.