For Therapists

Point Motion is a brand of Assistive Technology that enables their clients to engage in an adaptive medium for self expression and interaction. After sessions, allow your client to access ongoing music therapy treatment via motion control software on laptop, tablet, or mobile devices.


No Handheld Equipment

Our application enables individuals to easily interact with a number of expressive & therapeutic musical activities during private clinical sessions or independently at home. Information on the user's cognitive and motor functions are reported to their primary caretakers through a comprehensive data analysis platform.




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"What Can I expect?"

Choose whether you want to perform on a Virtual Instrument, Pop Musical Bubbles, or play a game of Simon Says. Point Motion offers a mix of instruments and activities to bring a whole new level of interaction in your therapy sessions, as well as giving them something they can use at home.

Our first release of activities has been designed to fit the needs of early childhood to elementary aged children in a world we call "Simon's Island"!

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Explore Simon's Island

From the first visit, your clients will be excited to get to know new friends who become their musical helpers. Each activity aims at supporting a specific need, or Individual Education Progress Goal. Take a look at how they are interacting with different sounds, instruments, and activities so you can have a deeper understanding of each client's needs and interests.


Providing the tools to improve range of motion, shorten cue response times, and enhance mental well-being, Simon's Island was developed to meet the needs of children in early developmental stages.

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Play in groups by synchronizing keys, scales, and instruments. Collaborate with your clients in a new and exciting way!

Stay Connected

1-on-1, in groups, or At Home

Point Motion is the perfect platform to ensure your clients have 24/7 access to guided Music Therapy enrichment.

Users can engage in musically stimulating experiences through the computer, tablet, or mobile device they already own.

Stay up to date on progress and musical interests through our dynamic Data Tracker which shows range of motion, reaction time, and other motor & cognitive engagements.

"Affording people with physical limitations a new creative outlet."

— Boston Magazine

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Klarissa Carlsson MT-BC

Children’s National Medical Center

“I tried the Point Motion demo along with a physical therapist at my site. The controls were very intuitive and a LOT of fun! This technology makes it possible to calibrate responsiveness to the tiniest gesture for our severely restricted patients – or to help kids stretch their limits when the time is right. There is great potential for enhancing co-treatment sessions by adding aesthetic motivation for specific, targeted movements.”

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Our Partners

It is no coincidence that Point Motion was created in Boston, the Digital Health Capital of the WORLD! With the help of institutions such as Boston Children's Hosptial, Berklee College of Music, Boston University, and Northeastern University. Point Motion has built to the needs of their users and will continue to conduct innovative developments and research alongside industry leaders.