Our Vision

Improving the quality of life for people through the intersection of music and technology.


At Point Motion, we develop motion capture software that is used in curriculum for health and education programs serving children with special needs . 

Curriculum is the center of any health or education program and is used by a specialist to stimulate & measure the development of patients and students in areas such as mobility and attention, however curriculum authors are currently limited to printed materials for testing which use subjective rating scales, like a 1-10 score. These scores can only be given in person by a trained specialists. They spend time and money to test cases one-by-one; this inefficiency creates huge waiting lists. Children with developmental delays suffer the most with less than 15% receiving the recommended services each year. That’s more than 8 million children each year on a waiting list because their specialist is busy entering data by hand into a spreadsheet.

To put the cost of this inefficiency into perspective, $18 billion in private and government funding was used  to only assess 1.3 million children. We need to act now, because while the number of children diagnosed with a developmental delay is increasing, the number of specialists to treat and assess them has decreased which has only made this problem worse.s

How does Point Motion solve this? We provide curriculum authors with motion capture software that replaces their handwritten assessments with interactive movement based activities.

With each interaction, data is collected like reaction time, body posture, and other key metrics relevant to tracking engagement.

From there, all this data is uploaded to a cloud based data management portal only accessible by their specialist.

Using this technology within curriculum, ensures greater accuracy in reporting results through immediate and detailed feedback. Instead of a subjective rating scale, there will be quantifiable objective data. As a result, we see a reduction in cost of care, and less administrative burden, since now each test doesn’t need to be conducted one-by-one.

More importantly, it’s something children will actually want to interact with rather that an intimidating test given by a stranger. Our material centers around music and creativity, something motivating especially for children with special needs.

I saw this first hand with one of our early adopters who is diagnosed with Autism. Rather than feeling threatened or judged, Ryan was empowered to be active and expressive completely changing the dynamic of his treatment. 


Kevin A. Clark
Chief Executive Officer, Founder

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