We partnered with Experts and Industry Leaders

We don’t look to “reinvent the wheel”, just make it more efficient. To do that, we partner with leaders in health, education, technology and music to make sure we deliver the highest quality tools to our customers.


Technology Partners

Find out more about our partner who developed UnitusTI, and dedicated cloud based EDR platform which is proven to make your data management more efficient than ever.

Curriculum Authors


We partner with experts who are already creating curriculum for programs around the world. They replace printed handwritten forms with our technology to deliver a superior solution to health and education programs.


Research Centers

By partnering with the best research centers, we ensure the validation of our processes and outcome before putting it in the hands of our customers.

Education Partners


Point Motion isn’t just for healthcare, it can be used in education programs as well. Take a look at some of the education partners who make Point Motion a fun and beneficial tool for early learning.