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Software for enrichment of children at risk or diagnosed with developmental delays, and remote assessment of key developmental areas throughout key periods of growth.


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Children are at the highest risk for a lack of healthcare services.


Curriculum is the center of any health or education program and is used by a specialist to stimulate & measure the development of patients and students in areas such as mobility and attention, however curriculum authors are currently limited to printed materials for testing which use subjective rating scales, like a 1-10 score. These scores can only be given in person by a trained specialists. They spend time and money to test cases one-by-one; this inefficiency creates huge waiting lists. Children with developmental delays suffer the most with less than 15% receiving the recommended services each year.

That’s more than 8 million children each year on a waiting list because their specialist is busy entering data by hand into a spreadsheet. To put the cost of this inefficiency into perspective, $18 billion in private and government funding was used  to only assess 1.3 million children. We need to act now, because while the number of children diagnosed with a developmental delay is increasing, the number of specialists to treat and assess them has decreased which has only made this problem worse.

With Point Motion we see an opportunity to change these statistics drastically. By offering specialists a tool which optimizes their workflow we can ensure every child waiting on a list can atleast have access to a proactive tool to communicate their development and needs to a specialist from home.

No more waiting for a specialist to visit them in person just to see if there has been progress in the development of cognitive & motor functions. Rather then spend $18 Billion to serve <15%, we see that spending covering the entirety of the population in need.

This solution will have a global impact for millions of children, and enable pediatric specialists to meet the needs of their population.



Have access to A Specialist

6-12 months

Avg. Waitlist Time



On a waiting List

$18 Billion

Spent Annually on Assessments


A Need for Wireless Health Technology

The global wireless health market size is expected to reach USD 315.4 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc., exhibiting a 23.5% CAGR during the forecast period. Increase in number of eHealth initiatives worldwide, increase in penetration of smartphones and Internet connectivity, and growth in the trend of self-disease management are some of the factors boosting market growth. Growing trend toward use of wearable devices for monitoring physical parameters, such as sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, and physical activity, is also driving the wireless health market.

Shifting trend toward value-based care is another factor contributing to the growth of the wireless health market. At present, some of the telehealth services, such as consulting a doctor via video connection, are reimbursed by CMS. Use of digital services such as various platforms for health management has promoted the development of various applications for managing diabetes, heart diseases, and asthma. Use of applications for chronic disease management, fitness tracking, supporting medication adherence, preventing hospital readmissions, symptom tracking, and managing mental and behavioral health are on the rise.


Growing to serve the needs of many.


Making Musical expression possible for everyone

As we grow we look to bring Point Motion to the serve the needs of many populations. Although we have begun by bringing this technology to pediatrics, many opportunities for this solution exist in areas such as geriatrics, physical therapy, and even for post-surgery care.

Music is a universal language which will not only help motivate many different populations, but is also a language we can all relate to. It’s not a win or lose situation for the user, rather, it’s an opportunity to express themselves and be proud of the music they can create.

This is exactly the kind of situation that will increase compliance and improve the outcome of their health & education treatment.

We work with experts across various specializations to reach as far as we can with this technology, and impacting as many people as possible.

Are you an occupational therapist? Neuropsychologist? Music Therapists? We want to work with you to apply our technology in your field. Take a look at our team section to see the experts we have begun working with so you can join us in our mission to change the lives of many through music, and fix the inefficient data collection/management methods in healthcare with an instant and reliable tool for the feedback needed to make the greatest progress in your practice.


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